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Henry Meyer, Jr.

These are miscellaneous pictures that Henry's daughter Liane Benway sent.
Please help further identify the people, locations and provide Information beyond what is given.
Send additional information to John Sweet. Thanks!

Here is an update from Liane Benway 8/23/2002: 

"My Dad went from the US to North Africa.  He was in Africa for a very short time before being transferred to the European Theatre.   Some of his assignments were a bit unusual because he spoke fluent German and was sometimes used for assignments where they needed to communicate with the Germans so that may have something to do with it.  I know he was called on to deal with German prisoners on occasion because of the language.  He was with the 130th in Heidelberg after the war ended."

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Henry_Meyer_Jr_1.jpg (228818 bytes)
Henry Meyer, Jr.

Henry_Meyer_Jr_2.jpg (280611 bytes)
Henry Meyer, Jr.
Henry_Meyer_Jr_location_Unknown.jpg (231764 bytes)
Henry Meyer, Jr.

Henry_Meyer_Jr_middle_back_row_with_Unknown.jpg (242602 bytes)
Henry Meyer, Jr. middle back row.
Others Unknown

Henry_Meyer_Jr_monument_unknown.jpg (244060 bytes)
Henry Meyer, Jr.
Monument believed to be in Tlemcen, Algeria.
Henry Meyer, Jr. was with a different
Station Hospital in Algeria.
Henry_Meyer_Jr_on_left_-_others_unknown.jpg (254134 bytes)
Henry Meyer, Jr.
Friends Unknown 

Henry_Meyer_Jr_on_Rt__Unknown_friend.jpg (240885 bytes)
Henry Meyer, Jr. on right
Friend Unknown 

Henry_Meyer_Jr_top_right_monument_background.jpg (231766 bytes)
Henry Meyer, Jr. on right
Monument background?

Henry_Meyer_Jr_top_Rt_others_unknown.jpg (129890 bytes)
Henry Meyer, Jr. top right
Friends Unknown 
Henry_MeyerJr_3.jpg (279850 bytes)
Henry Meyer, Jr.

Military_Kitchen_France_1945_Occupation_Forces.JPG (203205 bytes)
Military Kitchen
Occupation Forces
France 1945 

Army_Nurses_Visiting_Marseille_1945.jpg (239548 bytes)
Army Nurses
Visiting Marseille

Unknown_1.jpg (190431 bytes)
Unknown 1

Unknown_2.jpg (239325 bytes)
Unknown 2
Unknown_3.jpg (332661 bytes)
Crashed military aircraft,
Location unknown.

Unknown_4.jpg (228976 bytes)
Unknown 4

Unknown_5.jpg (229382 bytes)
Unknown 5

Believed_to_be_near_Besangon_France.jpg (247248 bytes)
Believed to be near
Besanson, France

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